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Our Psychiatrist will work with you to understand your symptoms, to ensure effective treatment for all persons with mental illness.

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Shape Leaf - Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template

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Online as well as Offline

For Online:- WhatsApp Video call on appointment bases.
For Offline:- Capital Hospital Jagadhri.
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Therapy and Counselling

Therapy for Depressive Illness , OCD , Bipolar Illness , Couples & Relationship Issues and Behavioral Therapy for Children.

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Activity and Recreation Therapy

Fun activities boost mental well-being, bring joy, and help socialize, promoting overall happiness & health.

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Dr. Apoorva Garg — Speciality MD Psychiatry from GMCH 32, Chandigarh with an experience of 2 years

Welcome to Mind Matters mental health clinic, where your mental well-being is our priority. At Mind Matters, we believe that taking care of your mind is essential for a fulfilling life. Dr. Apoorva Garg is committed to provide compassionate and comprehensive psychiatric care to help you navigate life's challenges. Her mission is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your needs and work towards positive mental health outcomes. Join us on your journey to mental wellness. Together, we can explore the path towards a healthier mind and a brighter future. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support you on your mental health journey

  • Psychiatric Treatment
  • Geriatric Psychiatrist
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapist
  • De-Addiction Treatment
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • OCD Treatment

Myths and facts about Psychiatry

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Shape Leaf - Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template
Shape Leaf - Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template

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  • Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template
  • Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template Talking Minds - Psychotherapist Site Template

The most popular questions to discuss mental health

A psychiatrist is a doctor who has completed their MD or DNB in psychiatry after completing their MBBS. It involves the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychiatric symptoms (for e.g. mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use etc.). They are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions and prescribe medications (if needed) for the same.

Both professions aim to enhance everyday functioning and well-being. However, psychotherapy involves talk therapy as a medium of treating psychological problems while in psychiatry the medium of treatment is primarily pharmacotherapy which involves the use of medication to treat psychological disorders.

Psychiatrists help people who are in distress due to a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, psychosis, and other symptoms.

A psychiatrist carries out examinations to identify the optimal treatment strategy and can prescribe medication for psychological illnesses and other conditions that necessitate medication assistance. They are trained to deal with the psychological and interpersonal aspects of difficulties, as well as the prescription of medication.

Each client is unique. Several emotional and psychological difficulties can be addressed with therapy and counseling. However, research suggests that for some conditions, the implementation of psychotherapy and psychiatric medication simultaneously may be the most effective treatment. Your psychiatrist will assist you in making the right decision for your specific situation.

No. A psychiatric examination is intended to look thoroughly at all of the variables that may be contributing to the trouble you are experiencing. A psychiatrist can provide therapy suggestions after determining the biological, social, and psychological aspects involved and how they interact. It is the client’s discretion if they want to take medication.

No, not always. Since each client and the therapeutic plan is unique, the length of time you may take medication will be established by you and your psychiatrist collaboratively. It is ideal for some clients to take medication at a particularly hard phase in order to improve their functioning while working on emotional and behavioral issues in therapy. When symptoms improve, the treatment regimen can be evaluated.

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